So excited to have our pal William H. Macy back on the show tonight! 

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i shit myself


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I made a thing because I’m sick of Olaf getting called simple comedic relief. 

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Took some pictures of the lovely Trisha Hershberger before our big CES meeting.

Shes so cute haha.


The Princess and the Frog- Concept Art

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This is one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read

I’ve been waiting for this to pop back up on my dashboard.. we are way too hard on ourselves.

That is so beautiful and thoughtful! I’m so happy I can post this on my own tumblr! 

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The Truth about 1956:

Barry Allen was introduced in Showcase #4 but what I wrote was how they introduced Barry in the TV show Arrow. 

Now for Two Truths and A Lie. The year is 1957:

  • Superman 113 was a novelty because most comics in the 1950’s contained several stories. This book told one story (in 3-parts) where Superman found “mind tapes” and watched Jor-El stop the Queen of Vergo’s plan to steal from Krypton’s unstable core before Krypton self destructed. Superman then helped the Queen in the end since his father couldn’t.
  • Leonard Snart went to prison and made a gun and then Biff Bam Poof became Captain Cold and that all happened in Showcase #8.
  • Showcase #9 a little known villain named Fancy Greystart appeared. She was a tall amazon-like woman who could take care of herself. She hailed from Venus and came to Earth in search of a man to marry (which was pretty common motive of comic book women in the 1950’s). Each time she found a suitable suitor she would try to kidnap them and take them back to Venus but a hero would step in the way saving the man in distress. Even though DC never published another Fancy story after this one it was the first time a story centered around villain instead of a hero.
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